Qimin Chen

I am a Ph.D. student in GrUVi lab of School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Prof. Hao (Richard) Zhang.

Before that, I received my M.S. degree in Computational Science from UC San Diego, where I worked at Center for Visual Computing Lab advised by Prof. David J. Kriegman. I also worked at Machine Learning, Perception, and Cognition Lab (mlPC) advised by Prof. Zhuowen Tu. Before that, I received my B.S degree in Computer Science and Technology from Fuzhou University.

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My research interest mainly focuses on Computer Vision/Graphics, especially geometric modeling as well as generative model for 3D shape and scene understanding and reconstruction. I am also interested in object detection and segmentation.

Topology-Aware Single-Image 3D Shape Reconstruction
Qimin Chen, Vincent Nguyen, Feng Han, Raimondas Kiveris, Zhuowen Tu
CVPR Workshop on Learning 3D Generative Models (CVPRW), 2020
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Composing volumetric-based generative model with topology-awareness auto-encoder allows them to learn high-level topological properties such as genus and connectivity for 3D shape reconstruction.


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